Archiv für Dezember 2012

Maybe the last news in 2012…

MANKU KAPAKs debut LP ‚Gegen die Schwerkraft‘ is already pressed! But the enourmous (more zine than a) booklet is still in print.
Hopefully we get our copies in the beginning of January 2013. Pre-order them for 9 Euro (+ shipping). If you can‘t wait, we offer you the lp on tape (4 bucks), they are still in stock.

No Microsleep release, but we have got the TOQ demo tapes in a handmade, stenciled, multicolored cardboard-wrapper (4€).

TOQ are a four piece band located in Tübingen, Germoney – home of the allmighty Epplehaus. Associated with people in Hysterese, Nihil Baxter, Derby Dolls, they make a really nice mixture from 80s punk/hc and today’s powerpop with polyphonic english, russian and german vocals. You‘ll find more informations on their blog.

And still available: shitloads of our releases: SARG 7′‘ | SHOYU SQUAD 7′‘ | REMEK/CHILD MEADOW 12′‘ | AFTERLIFE KIDS tape/cd | AFTERLIFE KIDS/FUCK,WOLVES! live-split-tape … check check!

Informations about our upcoming releases in the beginning of January 2013, at latest.